Eric Swalwell, Member of Congress, 15th Congressional District
Nate Miley, Alameda County Supervisor, District 4
Steve Glazer, California State Senator, 7th District
Karen Monroe, Alameda County Superintendent of Schools
Karla Brown, Pleasanton City Council
Kathy Narum, Pleasanton City Council
Tom Pico, Former Mayor of Pleasanton
Frank Brandes, Former Mayor of Pleasanton
Sharrell Michelotti, Former Pleasanton City Council Member
Steve Brozosky, Former City Council and School Board
Mark Miller, Pleasanton School Board
Kelly Cousins, Pleasanton Library Commissioner
Joan Nibert, Pleasanton Library Commissioner
Jay Galvin, Pleasanton Housing Comissioner
Nancy Allen, Pleasanton Planning Commission
Greg O’Connor, Pleasanton Planning Commission
Brock Roby, Pleasanton Human Services Commission
Christine Steiner, AC Housing Authority Commissioner
Dave Wright, President, Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council
Amy Miller, Dublin School Board
Vic Cloutier, Sunol School Board
Trish Spencer, Mayor of the City of Alameda
Doug Miller, Commissioner, Alameda County Veterans Affairs

The Pleasanton Weekly, newspaper
The Independent, newspaper
Alameda County Democratic Party
Tri-Valley Democratic Club

Gina and Fred Carter
Joan Nibert
Jeff Nibert
Ann Martin
Greg Gum
Laura Keller
Victoria Glenn
Dr. Steven Glenn
Cindy McGovern
Dr. Ed McGovern
Scott and Linda Johnson
Paige Wright
Bruce Henry
Mary and Dave Snell
Susan Moreno
Rita Galvin
Patricia Sande
Kathi Estill
Janel Sloan
Sandy Piderit

*partial list…